Riesling ‘Cuvee The Dylan’, Bernhard Eifel

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Exclusive pricing only for employees of The Dylan Amsterdam. Not for consumer sale.

Reselling not allowed.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne, Riesling Cuvée The Dylan and Château Puynard
maximum of 6 bottles of Champagne, 6 bottles of Riesling per colleague and 6 bottles Château Puynard per colleague.
Combining is allowed, so a maximum of 18 bottles total per colleague.

Ordering of Champagne and Riesling until Thursday 7 December 2023
Collecting at the HR office
on Thursday 14 December between 14:00 hrs - 16:00 hrs.
on Friday 15 December between 10:00 hrs and 12:00 hrs. 

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